LSX Laminate Something Extra

Laminate Extraordinary creative pattern design

LSX believe that specialty area start with creative materials. Therefore, we never stop follow the trend and developing decorative surface to go beyond the design with no boundary. Because of the passionate with color, textureand all the inspiration from natural. We bring all the uniqueness of inspiration to create the collection of LSX We develop covering materials to be more Eco Friendly One of the LSX collections. It is a covering material with a thickness of only 0.3 mm to reduce waste in the use of forest resources. with the concept of De - MATERIAL IS MORE The latest selection from LSX that transforms the color palette into easy to use and simplify, come in Feel Good Color Palette collection. The variety of colors that we selected to create the uniqueness of the pattern. Feel Good Color Palette collection Feel Good Wood Grain collection that meets every functional need and suitable for any decorating style. Metal surface reflect charm and timeless, Metalplast surface aim to make metal’s surface more applicable to any interior design space. With surface the shining, glitter, polished or smooth metal prepared surface on HPL, it will make interior decoration of High pressure laminate is made up of several layers that are compressed under very high pressure (180 degrees Celsius). During production, these layers are compressed with special features.The layers has a resin coating to create a very dense and hard sheet Veneerplast has the beauty of natural wood because it has a natural texture and a color shade. The main idea of ​​Veneerplast is to make the world a better place by reducing the use of real wood with an ultra-thin, almost paper-like thickness.



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